PropTarts Logo & Shirt

PropTarts logo and shirts were custom designed for the Facebook Group, The PropTarts of Punished Props

PropTarts is a group of like minded prop makers that follow YouTube and Twitch sensations Bill and Brittany Doran of Punished Props. The Facebook Group has become a community that helps each other, shares ideas and projects, and overall helps motivate and inspire fellow prop-makers.

It all started with Punished Props Live Twitch Streaming. After several live streams, during a stream, it was decided that the group of followers needed a name! After some deliberation, it was decided pretty quickly that PropTarts would be it! Derrick then created a fun logo for them! Shortly after, we decided to offer shirts with the logo. You can purchase one here: PropTarts Shirt

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This was the week that we got the t-shirts in. We were beyond ready to ship them out :D

We started folding, creating shipping labels, and packing up shirts to ship right away, and shipping worldwide! We were doing it manually, with a Google Doc for the order form. Now that we have our website up and running, we have them up for sale here!