Cthulhu Sign

As a gift for a good friend of ours, we wanted to make him a name sign. One of his favorite people is H.P. Lovecraft, the creator of the fictional entity, Cthulhu.

Tools and Materials used:

STEP 1: Layout and design

To layout the design of the sign, a couple different programs were used. Adobe Illustrator was used to layout the lettering and the shape of the sign, and Sketchbook Pro was used to sketch out the Cthulhu head. At this point no specific colors were in mind.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro


STEP 2: sculpting the cthulhu head and wings

A mini Cthulu head was made and then used as a quick reference guide for sculpting the full size head (seen in the top of the pictures below). Aluminum foil was used because this sculpt will be baked in the oven later, and the foil provides a good clean surface to work on.

click on the images to view them larger

STEP 3: Final details to the cthulhu head

The wonders of aluminum foil! The foil was used to provide a clean surface to sculpt on, now used to mount on a box to finish the details, then lastly used to bake in the oven. Foil was also used to make a small ball for rolling and poking into the surface to add detail and texture. After the final details were done, it was baked in the oven, following the SuperSculpey directions.

STEP 4: Sign base and letters

The base and the letters of the sign were cut out on the X-Carve CNC machine. The edges of the base were rounded off using a router with a round over bit.

STEP 5: painting and assembly

All the pieces were painted. The base was painted black using black semi-gloss spray paint. The letters were hand painted with acyclic paints and weathered with sand paper. The letters were attach to the base using two part epoxy. The Cthulhu head and wings were also hand painted with acyclic paint, starting with a dark base and working in lighter details. A final coat of polyurethane was sprayed over the head and wings to protect the paint and give this mythological sea creature a wet shiny look.