Gears of Fett Sign


At CollaBrewate's first Project Day, we all decided to make a mashup sign with Boba Fett and Gears of War logos.

Tools and Materials used:

STEP 1: Creating the shape

The design for this sign was created using reference images of the Gears of War and Boba Fett logos and was drawn using Adobe Illustrator.


STEP 2: Cutting out the logo

The image was then loaded into Inventables browser based CAM program Easel and sent to the X-Carve to cut.

STEP 3: Detailing

Using an X-Acto knife, nicks and cuts were added into the MDF to make the piece look more worn and distressed.

STEP 4: painting

The sign was then spray painted with matte black spray paint, including the edges.

STEP 5: final details

Once the black spray paint was dry, a heavy coat of glossy red spray paint was applied over the black (on the front, not trying to get the edges but also not worrying about overspray). To create the scratches and weathered look, we loosely balled up a sheet of aluminum foil and started randomly poking and scratching the surface of the wet paint to achieve the desired details.

STEP 6: Hang on your wall and enjoy!