Studio Update - July 2016

Here at CollaBrewate we are looking for a new home! Not only for our workshop but residence as well!

File_001 (1).jpeg

We've come to realize that our current house doesn't fit our lifestyle anymore. We need more workspace and less living space.  We have in mind that we would like to find a piece of property to build our new home and studio. We are wanting to do things untraditionally, as economically as possible, and see what really can be possible for a price tag that you wouldn't normally expect (things like concrete floors and reclaimed materials where possible). Maybe we're living pipe dreams, but we sure hope not. We have been researching pricing, but we are just scraping the surface and really need to dig in to see what we can achieve.

Location is also very important! We are looking pretty much from Lakeland area, over and up to Lake Buena Vista area. We just want more woods and still be close to places we want to go! Is that too much to ask at a nice price tag?! Hahaha :)

We are currently minimizing our belongings, trying to get rid of anything that is not necessary. After being in a house for six years, we've accumulated a lot of stuff, because we thought we were here for the long run. Now that we're making a lot of life changes, we're really realizing how much we need to get rid of. It will feel so good to have the weight of all this stuff off our chests!

Have any tips for economical building?! We'd love to hear them! We love sharing knowledge and learning from others! Share in the comments below, or send us a message to let us know!