How to Crosshatch Quick, Custom, Cut to Shape Lines for Laser Engraving - Adobe Illustrator


STEP 1: Prepping your lines

Be sure that your cut line and your etched lines have a fill and a stroke applied to it. You can press "D" to use the default black and white stroke and fill.

STEP 2: bring your cut line to the top

Go to Object > Arrange > Bring to Front to bring your cut line on top of your etched lines.

STEP 3: Create a clipping mask

Select both your cut line and your etched lines and go to Object > Clipping Mask > Make to create a clipping mask of your cut line. 

STEP 4: Trimming your lines

With your masked object still selected, go to your pathfinder palette and select Trim to trim your etched lines. You are left with your etched lines cut to shape out of your cut line. Your lines will be left with a fill on them so adjust your lines from here as needed to your laser cutter's specifications.

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