Studio Update - June 2017

Since CollaBrewate has been looking for a new home, we've traveled a long and winding road!

File_001 (1).jpeg

We closed on selling our Orlando house on May 25th! We've been in a state of limbo since then... Living in Winter Haven, staying at people's homes, not yet having our own space. We've been looking at houses in Polk County, near Winter Haven.

Since the location is so important, we have been keeping our options open but have realized that we want to be easily accessible to Winter Haven and still close enough to Orlando and Lakeland. We have the yearning to have enough space and land for fruit trees and potential garden and chickens or ducks for eggs! Looking at different lot sizes made us realize that we can do all of that in a smaller lot than we originally wanted.

We have had two "dreams" as far as what type of place we want to live in. One is with woods surrounding us, one is with being walkable and bikable to areas that we frequent and near a downtown area. With Polk County, both of these are options that can still be economical. One big difference is having public utilities to pay each month vs. having well and septic. Difficult choice...

Have anything you'd like to share about your experiences of living near a downtown vs. living near or in woodsy areas? Share in the comments below, or send us a message to let us know!