Studio Update - July 2017: Part 2

We closed on our house!

Last Friday, we closed on our house! We have finally found our new home base for us and CollaBrewate. We have grand plans for renovating and remodeling the space to fit our vision, which we have been creating for a while now. Here we're sharing a walk-through of the BEFORE of the whole house.

We plan on redoing the floors in all rooms:

  • Ripping up carpet to reveal concrete
  • Resurfacing the concrete to have more of a rustic or industrial look
  • Repairing, sanding, and staining original wood floors
  • Replacing old linoleum tile
  • AND we have one carpet room that is a surprise for what's underneath it - fingers crossed for the same wood flooring!

We are starting with our workspace so that we can "setup shop," getting CollaBrewate running in the new space, and then moving on to renovating our living space. We are moving as few things into the house as possible until we get further along with some renovations. We're hoping to start living in there soon but also have A LOT of work to do!

Have any workspace dreams that you have or have made a reality, or any renovation, remodel, or makeover experiences you'd like to share? Share in the comments below, or send us a message to let us know!

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Welcome to our new home!


The first two purchases for our new home! ;P