The Beginnings of a LONG Checklist

Our "50 FIRST" things that need done!

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Compilation of some of the "50 first" items checked off the list!


ABOVE: Mysteriously leaking pipe

BELOW: Beautiful new door hardware, still lots of work to do around it!


After closing on our house, we have started compiling things that need to be done, out of what feels like a million things! There are, like, 50 FIRST things that need done. First things first, change the locks and secure the overhead garage doors! Second thing..wait, another thing that needs done first??! Fix the gushing, leaking spigot in the yard!! That was not leaking any previous time we visited the house! Oh no! Turn the water back off!! ...Come to find out, the day we closed, the spigot got hit by a lawn mower, and someone must have manually turned the water off at the main valve. Once we had the water in our names and the water was still not coming on, we realized what had happened. Fortunately, they fixed the leaking spigot with little effort from us. Yay! Then we got a new faucet for it as well so it wouldn't drip, which it WAS doing before we closed.

Some of the first things we've done:

  • Fix the leaking yard spigot so we can turn the water on
  • Add locks to our overhead garage doors
  • Fix the Sunroom door to shut properly and not stick
  • Change the locks, along with updating the handle and deadbolt
  • Clean and switch shower heads
  • Correct poorly spraying bathroom faucet (had debris blocking the flow)

We had a few issues with the front door deadbolt, stripped and broke a screw. Fortunately, it was easily replaceable at the hardware store less than a mile away from us! Once we finished some of these quicker, smaller but important projects, we're moving on to other "first" projects but ones that will take much longer. Our big priority is still to get our workspace done! So next comes the flooring in there!

Sometimes the small projects are some of the most important ones! Have any you'd like to share? Share in the comments below, or send us a message to let us know!