Removing Carpet and Adhesives from Concrete: Attacking the Concrete Floors Part 1

Starting on CollaBrewate's Studio space!

Since we're pushing hard to move CollaBrewate into the new space, we've first started attacking the floors! We feel this is the first step so that we can at least get equipment into the room and temporarily put other things in there to get them out of our storage unit (to avoid another month's fee). Then, we can move on to the rest of the house's floors, to be able to start moving furniture in!

After doing research, the best piece of equipment we could find to rent was a floor polisher with a Diamabrush attachment. We needed something that could remove tough coatings, such as adhesives, mastics, and tar, and surface stains. This process was not fun, but Derrick was a trooper and did a great job! You definitely have to get used to this floor polisher machine. The steering is very sensitive, which is great for running this machine for long periods. However, that also makes keeping it under control that much more important. Basically, you move the handle up and down to move the machine side to side, and you have to run it using water. This is quite a messy process, but we figured it is better than any alternatives, like scrubbing and scraping.

Once this process was completed, there was still some tar left on the floor. So, we are researching for the next step, on what is the best method for removing the remaining residue. We plan to stain and seal the concrete floors, which makes it important to have a surface that is as clean as possible. Anything left on the surface will affect how the concrete accepts the stain. We are going for a somewhat organic and splotchy coloring. So we will not worry too much on how evenly colored it is but still want to make sure the stain and seal will take to the concrete. Here we go...

Have you ever worked on concrete floors, especially with bad adhesive residues? If you have any thoughts or advice, share in the comments below, or send us a message to let us know!

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BELOW: Close up of the nice gunky mess during the process of using the Diamabrush for the adhesive removal