Grinding Concrete: Attacking the Concrete Floors Part 3

Studio Gray's concrete floors need rehab work too!

Studio Gray will be our "dirty" workspace, contrasting Studio White being the clean workspace. It is "dirty" only because of materials used and sawdust created, not that it won't still be a clean space, as clean as a woodworking place can be with dust collection, etc ;)

The Gray area is being transformed from the garage. It had a lot of random nails, screws, staples, etc. all over the walls that we removed, some random odd things that needed trashed, and a lot of "tidying up" so to speak. We plan to insulate and cover these walls, but for now we're concentrating on getting the floors done first to then move on to everything else. There were a few built in shelves and other things that we needed to remove. We wanted to go ahead and get all of this stuff down and out to get it out of our way.

Moving onto the actual concrete floor rehab! The first step was to patch the damaged areas in the concrete. There were some pretty bad chips in the floor. The next step was using the same floor polisher with the Diamabrush attachment. This did a good job at evening out and cleaning up the floor. The Diamabrush can leave some scraping marks, but once again, we are not too concerned with certain imperfections in the floor that add to the character. After using the floor polisher, it needs a lot of cleaning. Since we plan to stain the floors, it needs to be as clean of a surface as possible. Especially with this process of grinding the concrete, it left dust everywhere once it all dried out - so lots of sweeping, vacuuming, etc. is needed!

Have you ever patched areas in concrete or used a floor polisher? If you have any additional thoughts or advice, share in the comments below, or send us a message to let us know!

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ABOVE: A shot of one of the worst areas of the floors

BELOW: Taking a dinner break and then back to work! We only have the floor polisher and Diamabrush for 24 hours! It's hard, messy work! Obviously Derrick was running the machine D: