Studio Update - August 2017

What is guiding our next steps?!

Plans of getting the studio floors done before moving anything into the house became an impossible feat! First, once we thought we were ready to start staining the floors, multiple things prolonged getting to that next step. Rain and temperature were factors that we had not considered. Per the stain instructions, you are supposed to avoid rain in the forecast for 24 hours and work during a range of temperatures not being higher than 90°...Um, summer in Florida! Not gonna happen! ALSO, we realized there were many other things that needed done first before we could stain: rip up old linoleum tiles in the adjoining closet and bathroom that we will want to have the same concrete stained floors, repair unexpected old damage in a wall, move a door, remove a door, add a door, build a wall, remove a HEAVY cast iron tub (okay, so this list is getting long!), move a toilet...Wait. What?! Move a toilet?! Yes! Oh goodness, here we go. The bathroom layout is very inefficient, and we need to move the a concrete pad..with a cast iron drain pipe... SO, ready or not, the Studio Bathroom remodel has begun!

With many things already pushing us in different directions, now comes the end of our month for the storage unit! In order to avoid another month's fee, we decided to go ahead and move that stuff into our house. Now there's more stuff in the way and to work around and move as needed, but at least we have some of our stuff with us, haha, even though most of it will stay in boxes for quite a while still *:D Trying to make the best of it, and continuing to be thankful knowing how blessed we truly are! Stay tuned!

Have any experience moving a toilet surrounded by concrete and/or has a cast iron drain pipe? Have any other thoughts or advice you'd like to share? Please do so in the comments below, or send us a message to let us know!


ABOVE: The Studio Bathroom layout, after removing the linoleum tile and toilet

BELOW: The toilet hole to move! D8 (after cleaning the tar and adhesive off the floor as seen above)