Removing Tar on Concrete: Attacking the Concrete Floors Part 2

Attack the Floors!

As we continue with the concrete floors in our "new" 1940 home that we're renovating to Modern Rustic, we encounter more fun to be had with removing tar, hahaha...

What we tried and if it worked:

  1. Goof off - NO. Seemed to dry before it could possibly do anything.
  2. Acetone - NO. Same result as Goof off.
  3. Muriatic Acid - NO, big no! It eats the concrete before the tar!
  4. Krud Kutter - YES! Also referred to as "citrus cleaner" in the video. They seem to have many different product formulas, and we could not find this one again. So we moved on to:
  5. Formula 747 Plus - YES! Same results as Krud Cutter. They dissolve the tar!

...Sorry guys, somehow this post got deleted. Maybe one day we'll be able to re-type it. Now we know to type it elsewhere to save, then publish it to the website *:\ ...Sooo, ask us any questions you may have about this  process.

Have you ever worked on concrete floors with bad adhesive residues? If you have any additional thoughts or advice, share in the comments below, or send us a message to let us know!

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Above Photo: Goof off - Left, Acetone - Right (neither worked)

Below Photo: Krud Kutter, dissolving the tar!

(replaced with Formula 747 Plus because of unavailability of more Krud Kutter)