Building a Portable TV Case for Tabletop Games & Digital Maps

Customize your tabletop gaming experience, taking your campaigns to a new level!

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A Custom Build by CollaBrewate

We were commissioned to make a case for a TV that will be used for displaying maps for table top games. The case is made to be portable, while it holds the TV in place from transport to play. It has a handle on one of the long sides that is sturdy and folds to a flatter position. You can see the handle in the video ;) Make sure and watch to the end to see the final reveal of the case and how the TV looks in use!

We can customize this TV case to your liking! Want the wood stained? Want extra details added? Metal accents, vinyl decals, painted details? Check out our custom builds section for some ideas:

This was a fun build! We always love to collaborate with others and make visions a reality! What ideas are brewing in you?!