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Remote Dock

Put your classic gaming remotes on display! This modern Remote Dock design saves your classic remotes from the hidden bowels of their once final resting place. Showcase your classic remotes proudly and give them the attention they deserve. This simple, modern design will act as a classic gaming centerpiece in any of its surroundings. Nostalgia may get the better of you...what are you waiting for, get up and swing away!


Wooden Base

The structure of the Remote Dock is made from hardwood plywood. The hardwood plywood is double sided two-toned, giving contrast to anything built from it. The wooden base is a very sturdy, layered hardwood construction that will last.



The Remote Dock has built in storage to not only store the straps from view but also to keep any other accessories that you might need. For a quick change of batteries, you can store them here. Have a favorite gamepad? It will fit that too.

 Divider Accessory

As an optional add-on, the Divider accessory fits into the storage area to organize four nunchuck controllers. With this slide in accessory, keep your controllers and cords tangle free, organized, and protected.

Clear View

The front panel is made from clear acrylic. The window creates a clear view for the remotes and protects them from the gaming elements.


Two-toned Wood

The nature of the hardwood plywood is that it is double sided two-toned, which gives this design contrast and depth.

Snap Together Design

The Remote Dock comes as a fun DIY kit. You will receive all parts necessary to assemble your dock. The simple, snap together design requires no extra tools to lock your dock together. Just your hands as the tools and a few minutes of your time.


Limited Quantity